RELEASE: Digital/Vinyl November 3rd 2017

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Cold Recordings is very proud to include Berlin based producer PHON.O as part of it’s growing roster by means of this immaculate EP. Across the 3 tracks, PHON.O demonstrates his ability to combine UK- bass influences with techno sensibilities, ultimately crafting cutting edge music for the dancefloor.

‘CLU5T3R’ opens the EP with a swinging 132bpm rhythm that sits somewhere in between classic UK-Funky and a cracking Shed/Heads High techno anthem. The repeating riff that circles and cycles, sweeps through the frequency spectrum, energising and purposeful. Versatile and effective, this is a track to come back to time and time again.

Flip the plate and there’s another couple of gems. ‘V3R5U5’ continues on from where ‘CLU5T3R’ left off, progressing the mood into a more ethereal space, building layers of pads and texture as the track developes, rising and ramping up, before pulling back and dropping into a rolling rhythm. Closing up the EP is ‘H4NDCUFF3D’, which takes the mood into a more dramatic backdrop. Chilling pads swell up from the ground like mist in a graveyard, while the broken rhythm sets pace, creating a moody ambiance for those moments when you want to take a dancefloor into mystical, other-worldly territories. Dramatic and energising!