The boy with the dot in his name and the dubby background, started to play records with his buddy Apparat in the early 90s far in the darkest reaches of the ruff'n'tuff Harz mountains, in former East Germany.  But it wasnt until they both moved to Berlin in early 2000 that he started to make a name for himself. Soon he started to crank out EPs on Californian label Cytrax and his newly found home Shitkatapult.

Phon.o's heart as his mind feel most drawn to the bricolage. Conjuring his very own melange with sounds taken from hip hop, dub, baltimore, house, dubstep and techno Phon.o is known for his exstatic live and DJ-sets,  sometimes leaning towards the digital and itchy, yet deeply moving and highly energetic. Phon.o deals fire and burned down many cities around the world – Europe, Asia, America – back and forth and gets rewarded with a residency at Berlin´s most notorious club known then for a music selection unparralleled in continental Europe.

With realeases and collaborations on highly praised outlets like Boysnoize Records, Bpitch Control and most recently Tectonic and 50WEAPONS where he also released his seminal album "Black Boulder", he´s beem priviliged to work with some of electronic music greatest afficionados: Diplo, Modeselektor, Funkstörung, Mixhell, Apparat, Sinkane you name them. Continously working on advancing his sound even more Phon.o has been invited to show his skills in worldwide workshops by some of the worlds  leading companies in music software, Native Instruments and Ableton and also regularly contributes to their products with crafted sounds of his own making. 

In summer of 2016 Phon.o released another EP  for Bpitch Control called "Fractions" – for those of his fans hailing the 4/4 edge of his groove. After his brilliant stripped down UK club EP "Afterglow" for Pinch´s legendary label Tectonic, Phon.o released on Pinch's second label Cold Recordings a highly acclaimed heavy dancefloor EP "Schutt Und Asche". In the beginning of 2018 Phon.o released "Slow As Fog" –a beautiful dark ambient EP with heavy industrial beats.

At the moment he is working on a bunch of new music. So 2018 will be busy.


Releases as Phon.o: 
2018: Slow As Fog EP - Random Noize Musick
2017: Schutt Und Asche EP - Cold Rec 011
2016: Fractions EP - BpitchControl BPC326
2016: Afterglow EP - Tectonic 092
2015: Tw33tz / Oscillate EP - 50 Weapons 041 / Monkeytown
2015: Velvet Rag EP - BpitchControl BPC316
2014: Cracking Space Pt. II EP - 50Weapons 037 / Monkeytown
2014: Cracking Space Pt. I EP - 50Weapons 035 / Monkeytown
2013: Schn33/Go EP - 50Weapons 027 / Monkeytown
2012: Black Boulder 2LP/CD/Digital - 50Weapons LP07 / Monkeytown
2011: ABAW723/Sad Happiness EP  - 50Weapons 015 / Monkeytown
2011: Slavemode/Abbeyroad EP  - 50Weapons 011 / Monkeytown
2011: IL62 - 50Weapons 010 / Monkeytown
2011: Alienloops/Compact07 EP - Normoton
2007: Big Beaver Rd EP - Detroitunderground
2006: Toolbox (Phon.o & Exsample) 100 Loops EP - Normoton
2005: No.89-33.99 EP - umatic
2005: Burn Down The Town 2LP/CD - Shitkatapult/Tigerbeat6
2005: Trick Or Treat EP - Shitkatapult
2005: Phon.o‘s Shortcuts 100 Locked Grooves EP - Normoton
2003: Mokkastuebchen EP - Shitkatapult
2002: Bockflinte EP - Shitkatapult
2001: Partition B CD - Cytrax
2001: Typodub EP - Cytrax
2000: Modul EP - Cytrax

Remixes as Phon.o for :
2017: Pavel – The Archaeologist Song (Phon.o Remix)
2017: Cumhur Jay -Hood 1997 ( Phon.o Remix )
2016: Cubenx  - Blindfolded (Phon.o's Wild Pitched Edit) - Infine
2015: Joy Wellboy - The Magic (Phon.o Remix) - Bpitch Control
2015: Stefano Moretti aka Sender  - Out of Earth (Phon.o Remix) - BaconAnDecks
2015: Bass Sekolah  - Lighthouse (Phon.o Remix) - Mouthwatering Rec.
2014: Space Garcia - Benjamin Franklin Statue (Phon.os Dark Echo Edit) - Riverette
2014: XxanaxX - Story (Phon.o Remix) - Warner Music Poland
2013: Sinkane - Jeeper Creeper (Phon.o Remix feat. Born In Flamez) - City Slang
2013: The White Lamp - Make It Good (Phon.o Remix) - Sonar Kollektiv
2012: Data Romance - Caves (Phon.o Remix) - SQE Music
2011: Hundreds - Grab the Sunset (Phon.o Remix) - Sinnbus Rec
2011: Hundreds - Happy Virus (Phon.o Remix) - Sinnbus Rec
2011: Juli - Immer wenn es dunkel wird (Phon.o Remix) - Universal
2010: Bodi Bill - One or two Ghosts (Phon.o Remix) - Krakatau 01
2010: Boys Noize - Trooper (Phon.o Remix) - Boysnoize Rec 52
2010: Modeselektor - Cash (Phon.o Remix) - 50Weapons
2010: Leg-No & Emma feat. Tunde Olaniran - Sunglasses (Phon.o Remix) - ITD Rec.
2010: Schlachthofbronx - Ayoba feat Spoek & Gucci Banana (Phon.o Remix) - MAN Rec.
2010: Robot Koch - Gororm Sen (Phon.o Remix) - Project Mooncircle/Robots Don't Sleep
2006: Mochipet - Disco Donkey (Phon.o Remix) - Daly City Rec.
2005: Gold Chains & Sue Cie - Crowd Control (Phon.o Remix) - Kitty Yo
2003: Monkeytribe - Delaware (Phon.o Remix) - Meteosound
2003: Safety Scissor - Pigeon Funk (Phon.o Remix) - Onitor

Releases as CLP (Chris de Luca vs Phon.o):
2009: Strictly Confidential Remix EP - Sugarcane Rec 011
2009: Homecourt/Dip Shorty feat. Kovas EP - Shitkatapult Strike 101
2008: Superconfidential CD, MP3 - Shitkatapult Strike 98
2008: Superinstrumental MP3- Shitkatapult Strike 98 B
2008: Ready Or Not EP - Boysnoize Rec.027
2007: Wedding Wow Mix CD - Violent Turd

Remixes as CLP (Chris de Luca vs Phon.o) for:
2009: Mondkopf - Bones Club (CLP Remix) - Asphalt Dutches
2009: Kovas - Wax On Wax Off (CLP Remix) - Ghetto Beat
2009: AGF/Delay - Connection (CLP Remix) - Bpitch Control
2009: Khan Of Finnland - Who Never Rests (CLP Remix) - I Am Single
2008: Housemeister - Who Is That Noize (CLP Remix) - All You Can Beat
2008: Fool - Drama (CLP Remix) - Hum And Haw
2007: Leonard de Leonard - Screaming Dance (CLP Remix) - Ekler’o’ Shock
2007: Jahcoozi - BLN (CLP Remix) - A Sounds
2007: Apparat - Hold On(CLP Miami Bitch Mix) - Shitkatapult

Sounddesign for:
2011: Hilfiger at Fashionweek
2010: Nike, MTV

The discography of Phon.o changes pretty quickly. So please check Phon.o on discogs and CLP on discogs for detailed informations. But for sure you can find all important releases with cover etc. on this website under RELEASES.