CLP - HOMECOURT / DIP SHORTY EP - Shitkatapult Strike 101

»The only German word I know is Scheise!!!« Brooklyn based producer, remixer (Timberlake, De La Soul...) and Mc KOVAS hits the point. Shitkatapult´s 101st release honours the Ghetto Beat, a wild mixture of Rap, Hop, Booty Bass, Favela and Techno by CLP (Chris de Luca vs Phon.o) featuring Kovas. Two german producers and one nyc rapper posse up to deliver Homecourt/Dip Shorty as a multi-cultural musical hot pot in order to push the idea behind CLP´s great album Supercontinental to ignore all limits whether locationwise or musicwise. The EP comes with superb remixes by CLP themselves, Housemeister, Bugati Force, Unsportsmanlike and Litwinenko. Kick it, yes you can.

Formats: 12" | Digital
Released: March 2009