PHON.O - ABAW 723 / SAD HAPPINESS - 50Weapons 015

With the confident backing of 50 Weapons, Jackmaster and MDSLKTR, Phon.o has been producing some of his dopest material in the last year or so. This one follows form with the bleepin' Technoid Garage flow of ABAW 723, a mesh of cleanly contoured 2-step swing rhythms and gritty synth textures to excite the dance, all knitted-up with bubbling bleep patterns. Still on that darker swing tip, Sad Happiness draws for a kinda processed cello bassline and cyber-strafing synths for coolly measured symphonic drama in the dance.

Formats: 12" | Digital
Released: September 2011
Buy at: 50WeaponsHardwaxItunesBoomkat, Bleep, Zero-Inch, Juno, BeatportAmazon.